Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold is often hiding like in this Fountain, CO bathroom

Mold often hides in the least expected areas. It is very important that after every water damage the areas are inspected for moister and possible mold. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Mold affected mechanical room

Mold can grow everywhere, the longer we do not detected the more it can spread, like in this mechanical room. We were able to clean the water heater so that the... READ MORE

Moldy closet in Monument, CO

Mold can hide anywhere, like in this spare bedroom closet. Only after the home owner moved the stored items did he find the mold. SERVPRO of North Central Color... READ MORE

Moldy appartement in Colorado Springs

The entrance in this apartment was leaking, after the leak was fixed the mold had to be remediated. SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs is locally owned a... READ MORE

Moldy shipment

This shipping crate got wet and molded. SERVPRO of North Central Colorado Springs cleaned the shipment and repacked it for delivery. SERVPRO of North Central Co... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup basement in Colorado Springs, CO

The black mold in this basement family room was the result of a missed leak in the boiler room. The home owner cleaned up the water in the boiler room but did n... READ MORE